SOVA Club of Arts

The SOVA Club of Arts  is owned and operated by its members.

All our members share a passionate belief in the importance of a creative approach to life.

For them, the Club is home where they can come after a hard day at work and make sure that they and their guests receive a warm welcome.

According to the Club Statute, two-thirds of the members must be artists, sculptors, designers, photographers, architects or representatives of the creative industries – for exampe writers, dancers or musicians.

For more information on membership and collaboration, please visit “Residence” and “Contact Us” pages.

The club is located in the first skyscraper of Lviv. There are 2 rooms and a kitchen with a bar. The balconies offer view of the city’s main street.

Drinks and foods  are served seven days a week. You can also attend weekly open events.

Exhibitions of the work of participants are held throughout the year, and every winter we organize a lively season of artistic events with exhibitions and events, which present the best works of young talents, as well as renowned artists.

If you wish to join the club, please contact us.